It’s been awhile…

It’s been a while is an understatement, it’s been like borderline FOREVER! If you’re still here… hi, hello, how are you?

So much has been happening over here & if you follow along on Instagram you’ll probably get a good idea of what’s been keeping me as busy as can be. That’s right, our little addition. Well, not so little anymore, he’s 6 months and a whopping 18lbs. Colt entered the world on February 1st of this year. He came in quick and easy; ready to fill the missing piece of our family and provide endless love and smiles. It took only an instant of seeing his little face (which at the time I thought was a clone to his big sister) to know that the love I had for him was endless. He’s fit right in and life prior to him seems like eons ago.

Beyond having our bundle of giggles, we have been remodeling and renovating all over the house. In order to prepare for Colt to come we exchanged one garage plus some, into a playroom, storage space and laundry room/mud room. It’s been a whirlwind. The bathroom was gutted and everything was updated and put in shiny brand new. With a new baby it seemed a little more crazier than it probably would have been. But that’s okay, it’s done and over with and now there’s something else we will have to rip apart and re do I’m sure.

I think started a new job almost one year ago coming up this September. I work from home so again we add that into the scenario & that chaos gets just a little more crazy! It’s worth it though. I get to drive V to and from school everyday. I get to be around for all of those special moments with Colt, although some days I want to rip my hair out. I’m always on time for soccer & dance (sort of). All in all, it was a good decision. I up and left the company I had been with with my two weeks notice, ready to try something new but not sure if I’d love it or hate it. It was time for a change and I’m sure glad I took the opportunity when I did. I’m doing what I love, social media management.

All together, when I lay it out… it seems like a lot. Probably because it is! But whether it’s a tornado of a day or a day that brings non stop smiling from ear to ear… it’s working for us. This past year has been nothing shy of busy that’s for sure! But who wants to just sit around and do nothing, am I right? Better to be busy than bored!

We just wrapped up a yearly trip to Maine last week so I’ll hopefully get to sharing some of that trip. We have a few more big adventures planned for this upcoming year & with my very best efforts I’ll try to share a little glimpse into everything that’s going on!

Ta- Ta for now! – 💕Ashley

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