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New Year, New Outlook.

Every year I’ve always been the person who says the heck with the resolution, it’s so cliche. This year I decided instead of a resolution I’d set a goal. Typically my plan is to just keep being the best version…


Four Christmases

What the heck just happened? Did Christmas happen or was it just another day of the year that I was exhausted and waltzing through the day in a complete fog wondering how many hours left until bed? Jeez Louise Batman!…


Christmas Traditions

The last two years we have gone and cut down our own tree as a family. Last year we even incorporated my parents and brother, super fun. Although I had hoped to continue and keep that tradition alive, this year…


Last Minute Gift Ideas for her PT2

This last Minute Gift guide has twice as many goodies as the first ranging from gifts of beauty supplies to comfy socks! If you can’t find something for her in one of these two pages, personally message me and I’ll…


Last Minute Gift Ideas for her Under $30 Pt 1

Big or small she will love them all! Click on the image and it’ll reroute you to the page in which you can purchase. This will be a two part so make sure you check out the next page as…


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