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Why am I ThisLittleMom?

I often come across blog names or social handles and say, wow how clever is this name. I also often come across names that just click and I say okay I get it, she has a some named Nick, she’s…


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!

First things first, nominated? Me? No way! Finding something that you are passionate about is an achievement on its own. Being recognized for this passion, phenomenal. I am so honored and so grateful to be noticed! Nanny Maryanne Where to…


When you’re sick, be sick.

PSA – Okay germy Gerry. When you are sick just stay home please and don’t cough and sneeze all over things that I need to touch or hell even breathe around. I’m all set with your germs, you keep them!…


First Day of Pre-school & an Anxious Mom.

I did it! I took the plunge and enrolled V into preschool. She was set to start in the fall of this year but when it came time we felt as if she wasn’t meeting her marks for speech. Come…


What my January looks like.

January, we meet again. I recall last year when February hit everyone complained that January took forever. I recall it flying by just like every other dang month, week and day. Time, slow down! Down to business.. Okay you guys,…


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