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Florida Vacation Photos.

I’m wayyyy behind on getting up all of my favorite vacation photos from our family trip down to Kissimmee, Florida. With the trip came posts about Disney and SeaWorld and soon to be published one on Universal Studios as well…


5 Things I’m Thankful for.

‘Tis the month of being thankful for any and all things special to us. Some people are thankful for possessions, most are thankful for their family and loved ones, some for significant moments or times in their lives. This year…


Memories for a lifetime at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Everything about Disney World is pure magic (minus waiting in line of course). The most magical park however, Magic Kingdom. From the boat ride over, to the most adored Main Street in the world, to being greeted by Pluto.. it…


Our visit to SeaWorld Orlando, FL.

As a child I remember watching Free Willy for the first time and thinking “one day that will be me working with whales”. Every time I watched any one of the 3 movies in the series I got a sense…


Why I don’t use Facebook| Why I love Instagram.

I’ve been asked by too many people why I do not have a Facebook. On the daily, literally! Fun fact, I don’t even have a personal Facebook account never-mind an active business account for my blog. There is a page…


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