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Vacation Blues || Listen to your body.

Well, day one and two were pretty much a bust for me! Cue the sad face and tear drops. Friday morning I woke up in excruciating pain and had to go to the doctors after work. The pain would go…


A Bucket-list for the Beach

Every year we pack up for a week (sometimes it happens twice) and we head up north to the beach. Our family has always went to the same house in Old Orchard Beach Maine (yes, a beach review to come),…


New in our wardrobe (#2)

Whoever said you’ll have more time in summer is out of their mind! Summer is chaos it’s like the holidays but instead of winter, it’s in the summer. Every single weekend we have something going on so I’ve been delayed…


Beach Diaries | Salisbury Beach, Ma.

Mmmmmm… where to begin with this beach! So my daughters birthday was today (although I’ll post this tomorrow) so you’ll read it as yesterday 😉 catch my drift… anyways so every year I do mommy & me day followed by…


In the blink of an eye.

When you’re a kid you sit and listen to the hands on the clock tick as you stare at the time slowly dwindle down in the school day. It seems as if the days are so slow you feel like…


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