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Series: New in our wardrobe (#1)

So I said I was going to start last week but of-course life has its own schedule. These posts are going to be short and sweet and will be based off of my IG•stories as I had shared in my…


New Series 🌟

So this is just a little intro to what’s been brewing in the old noggin over here. I’m constantly being told I am such a bargain hunter and that I always find great deals on awesome pieces. Whether I find…


Good riddance January

January … I didn’t think I understood why everyone kept saying it was the month that never ended, until now. January seems like a month of trying. Everyone is working hard to reach their goals. Everyone is trying to stay…


All My Favorites

Hello all! I decided to take a little break from social Media for a bit entering 2018. I took time to try to really declutter my days and focus on goals I want to set for myself and my family.…


Stocking Stuffers for Her

Alright everyone, please join me in saying stockings are the total bomb! I don’t know why but you could get me the most amazing gifts and to me I would rather sit and dig through a stocking full of surprises…


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