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5 Quirks About Me

Today I literally just sat back and thought to myself “holy cow I am overwhelmed“… between working, the holidays, mommin’, blogging and how far I am behind, the little amount of shopping I’ve done, the wedding I’ve done nothing to…


Holiday Gift Guide for Him (PT 2)

Ideally I wanted to get this out for you last week prior to Black Friday but a series of unfortunate events lead me to be with family and friends and take time off of social media, which included blogging ofcourse.…


Thanksgiving; Hosting vs Attending.

Everyone loves Thanksgiving! Turkey with gravy, stuffing, potatoes, squash and green bean casserole. The list goes on and on! Pies and desserts flood the tables and everyone just can’t wait to dig in! Family time with lots of laughs, countless…


Fall Day in Rockport

I totally feel like the biggest movie geek writing this but you guys, have you seen the movie The Proposal? Okay, for those of you that have seen it.. AMAZE RIGHT? For those of you who haven’t, let’s go people!…


My Winter Obessesion; Pedi•Pocket 

I’m pretty sure that I have an obsession with throws, blankets and anything fuzzy/warm to snuggle with. My fiancé is constantly telling me we don’t need any more blankets in our home and I’m constantly telling him that we do.…


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