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How do I decide what to blog about?

I come up with an idea and for a quick second & then I write… sometimes while writing I admit I’m like OMG can I even say that on a ‘mom blog’.. but guess what? It’s my site and I’ll…


Don’t tell a parent how to parent.

I swear to god there is nothing that makes me more mad than other people telling you how to parent. One of the things that drives me the most insane is when someone says;            …


Fall is coming! Fall is coming! 15 of my favorite things about Fall!🍁🍂

If you’re not a fan of fall I am speechless. I can’t say the same for myself, I LOVE FALL!  I definitely think when I was younger and into my teens/early twenties aka prior to motherhood, I was the biggest…


“Posters Block”

Do you ever just stop and think okay I literally have nothing to post about? How am I suppose to keep up with my blog …and my instagram… and my twitter… and Pinterest, when I have nothing to post about? …


Mini Beach Vaca

Unwinding is the best feeling. Unplugging from everything and just letting that list of obligations and responsibilities makes its way to the bottom of your purse for a few days, now that’s a feeling I love.  My fathers side of…


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