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August 1st ; A bucket list 

So here I stand … Seriously? July is over … where did the month go? Well, anyways hello August!  I just realized that with July being over and August being here summer will end before I know it and I…


Overwhelmed & Overtired

Two big O words that definitely desbribe every last bit of how I am feeling. There is zero purpose for the post besides to rant, honestly it’s just a post to vent. There are also no pictures because I am…


Viicode Skincare ; Oxygen Eyemask  

I always see those memes about the bags under people’s eyes being Chanel or what not and I admit it makes me laugh BUT .. it’s legitimately no joke.😩  One day you’re sleeping in until noon and the next you’re…


15 random facts about me! 

Hi guys!! So I was just sitting here thinking that I literally have had this blog for over a year and besides my ‘about me’ page I’ve never formally introduced myself.  I think it’s a bit late in the game…


Traveling with littles lucky charm! 

We are approaching our trip to the beach house in just a few short days and we can’t wait! However, one of the biggest things I was worried about was traveling with a toddler. That’s right, a toddler! While I…


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