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Summertime must haves for the little ones!

Summer is finally here and it’s showing us the love! Cue the hoorays, woot woot and the FINALLYS! Before children we would just throw on a suit, fill the cooler, grab our sunniest and out the door we would go.…


No naps, no problem?..

No naps? … for five days! Please someone tell me why my 22 month old child has more energy than me? and without naps…I feel as if I am running on fumes and she is just running circles.  Vey has…


Top Fav Current Beauty Products 

I have previously shared affordable beauty products that I absolutely loved and had a great response with people.  I decided based on that response to try to maybe be a little better about getting out this post monthly. So here…


No longer a co sleeper

So it seems as if we all have a little slowing down to do. However, we cannot slow down time which is the one thing I really wish I could control. This post is a total judgement free only post…


My child is my therapy 

The past week has been eventful to say the least. If only the events that took place were the fun, happy, amazing memories type of events.. then things would be different.  The way I look at it each day is…


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