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A minor time out 

Let’s just catch up quick before I jump back into the swing of things.  Well, I’ve been absent from the blog for a few weeks now & scarce on the old ig account as my days are even crazier than…


The Turkey Torch (.. and sweet & salty bark recipe)

It’s here!! Time for wearing lose pants to the dinner table! Time for family & chaos! Time to be thankful and time to be stuffed just like our beloved thanksgiving bird!  This year the torch is being passed down to…


Top favs this week! 

I’ve decided to just do a little post weekly about my top finds/top favorites for the week. Whether it be a new nail polish, a new food, a new pair of gloves or even an oldie that is still a…


Favorite Fall Accessory + Giveaway

Since I was a little girl I think I have possibly owned possibly one million watches  (all of which I wore maybe twice each). Until …. JORD wood watches contacted me wanting me to do a collaboration with them. I didn’t…


Blogging is like talking, right? 

Well, let’s start with the fact that I have neglected to be the blogger I was hoping to be. Gosh being a mama is a busy job! So this is my first blog post in a few weeks.  I’m sure…


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