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What I learned from vacation

As most of you may know I have recently vacationed with my family to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. What many of you may not know is with whom I traveled. It was myself, T and our baby girl accompanied by…


My top 5 fav beauty products this summer

So typically in the summer I tend to steer clear of any liquid concealer or foundations. I find that I am always out on the go + a natural lighter look just feels better. At the beach especially I will…


Share your baby

Recently I have been told by someone that we need to share our baby more… My first thought is, she is not an object she is my baby. My first baby. My only baby. My one-year-old baby girl. Who tells…


Packing “lightly”

Packing is literally one of the worst things! No, seriously! If you don’t agree then you are probably a frequent flyer and I envy your rare ability. I never can decide what to bring. Packing for myself was hard enough!…



lets face it, the days seem long but are actually incredibly short? how much can you get done between raising another human(s), trying to manage a household and attempting to remember to take care of ourselves? the answer, not enough! in…


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